Hidden Swings

San Diego’s Hidden Swings

San Diego’s Hidden Swings

San Diego is such a beautiful city, with much to see (including the hidden swings). There’s also so much diverse geography in one space. In fact, California is one of the only places where you can have mountains, the beach, cliffs and flat land all in one area.

Being a native, I’ve come to find that even when I think I’ve seen all there is to see in San Diego, the city never fails to surprise me with something new. Hence, my trip to the hidden swings.

I recently, in the supposed-to-be chilly month of January, took a trip to La Jolla Shores to check out the “Secret Swings.”

The location offers numerous photo ops and if you’re looking to stumble upon the stable I’ve taken a stab at giving directions below!


  1. Input Discovery Way and La Jolla Shores Drive into your maps.
    This should land you in front of Coast Apartments (UCSD Graduate Housing)
    9396 La Jolla Shores Drive, San Diego, Calif. 92037
  2. Walk along the sidewalk and follow it west (towards the ocean) until it curves. When it begins to curve, cross the street.
  3. Walk onto the dirt area down the hill a little (still towards the ocean). You should find a tree with a swing.
  4. You’ve arrived!

Note: These swings go up and come down all of the time, so don’t be surprised if the location changes or if the swings aren’t there anymore.

Advice: I checked “Secret Swings” out on the Places tab of Instagram’s search window. By doing that you can see when the last person posted a pic with the swings. This will give you a hint as to whether or not the swings might be up and where. It worked for me!

ALSO: Locals may say the swings no longer exist, that’s what they told us but obviously that wasn’t true.

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